Talisman and amulets

What is talisman?

Talisman is a object like herbs ,stone ,keris,old age antiques or any kind of other object which possess super natural power and suppose to provide protection ,good luck ,money and prosperity.

Only spiritual guru with sidhies have power to check how much power this talisman have in it .

Many talisman need to activate their power by doing proper ritual . Without proper activation they dont work with their full potencies .

So it should be energised and activated properly before using it by learned spiritual guru .

Some talisman dont need to be activated or energised . It automatically provide benefit to the aquirer by just keeping it with them
But it should be checked by gurus to confirm .

Talisman can be used by making them as locket ,kavach ,rings, if you want to wear it or also can be kept in pocket or at some safe place at home or office .

It is tru God creates human with problem but it is also true He also create solultion for problem . So this talisman is also created by
GOD to solve various human problems .

If the talisman is genuine it will sure help you to solve your problems

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Talisman for protection

This lucky charm of varah (Wild boar) is so powerful that it have no words , It is also called , miraculous saver of all dangers in human life .this lucky charm possess super natural power According to the hindu mythology Lord Vishnu once take the form of varaha for to save the earth . So it also possess the power of lord Vishnu . It give total protection from , miseries , sudden accidents , evil or negative energies like ghost , paranormal entities bad spirit etc , It protect you from mooth ( spiritual armor send by spiritualist to harm someone) Also save you from all types of armours. It is very powerful vashikaran tool to attract all person whom you are connected with or whom you want to be in your control . Very useful in expansion of business and to remove all sort of bandhan prayog ( black magic for to stop business ) and give you money .Make you winner in horse race , lottery or any speculation business Also very much useful in to win court cases or to solve legal matters . If you are facing obstacles in promotion , it will give you promotion and boss will start favouring you ,It enhance and open new doors of income.and cure bad health due to any black magic .Just wear it around your neck or keep it in pocket it work automatically . Just check our wesbite www.astrotalisman.com

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Baglamukhi kavach

Baglamukhi is one of the most powerful tantrik Goddess in present era which provide the worshipper the very fast and immediate result .It is one of the most unique and powerful Kavach designed to protect a person from enemies and destroy all opposition. This Kavach amulet is especially effective for success in legal disputes. Some special days are designated for energizing this yantra which are Holi, Diwali and eclipses. Special ink and pen are also used to prepare the yantra on bhojpatra. This holi we are preparing this kavach / amulet which can give you success against any opposition. It should be worn in gold or yellow piece of cloth, which will automatically subdue the opposition. It also remove any type of psychic attack and black magic. Special japa , yagna perform to give power to kavach in very special and auspicious time . Check our website www.astrotalisman.com

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Powerful Oil

One of the most amazing and multi-purpose oil–the Mangala Shakti. This rare and costly formulated oil-blend has been empowered through strenuous rituals and disciplines. Its virtues: when ingested with rain water after being chanted over with a prayer-chant it confers protection, happiness, magical powers/abilities, a holy aura, and angelic bodyguards–all with the permission and blessings of the Divine One. If you possess any talisman, keris or power-object that seems to have lost its power, just anoint the object with the oil and it will regain its former degree of force. The oil is also a good media for healing as it possesses tremendous pranic energies. Anoint some of the oil to the center of your forehead as you pray or metaphysically create your desire for manifestation–you will find, with Allah’s or GOD permission, that your prayers are answered dramatically or your mental creation would manifest successfully. Should you anoint yourself with the oil during exercises related to “Tenaga Dalam,” “Chi-Kung,” meditation, chanting, breathing, etc. you will find the outcome of these exercises in yourself to improve in quality, power, and strength. Apply the oil to your clothing?s and the members of your body and invulnerability would be conferred upon you. You will be protected against black magic, psychic attacks, bombs, guns, blades, etc. You will possess charisma, an authoritative bearing, self-confidence, a powerful aura, attractiveness, etc. Just a drop of the oil in your bathtub or in a bucket of water for a shower would cleanse you of negative energies and “curses.” Use this oil to make talismans–they would be extra powerful! Comes in a vial approx. 3 cc. for to buy tis vist website www.astrotalisman.com

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Powerful Ring

Magical Powerful Rings can be endowed with any number of abilities using magical powers. It is believed that some of these rings become magickal or are made to be magical by rituals. Each magical ring is made magical by mystical powers that are drawn into the ring for the special purpose in which it was made. All that magical power is then transferred over to the owner or bearer. Each of these magical rings are specially designed and made for a special need or purpose. There are so many different magical purposes and needs these rings are purchased to draw power to you. Each need and purpose can be fulfilled with a certain type of magical ring. One of the most powerful and useful magickal rings is the Egyptian Magic Kali Ring. This ring is so powerful you will immediately notice the magical power this ring will evoke on your life. The Magic Kali ring will ensure all around well being and peace. This is one of the most commonly requested and powerful magical rings. Well-being is a very important part of everyday life. You must have a certain sense of well-being in your life to attract all the other great powers into your life. This Magic Kali ring draws powers from all nine planetary forces. They are all drawn together in this one magical ring and then passed on to the owner or bearer. YOU Need This Ring Anywhere And Everywhere And In All Your Needs Of Employment, Promotions, Examinations, Races, Matrimony, Business Progress, Patronage, Financial Gains, Social Success, Domestic And Love Affairs, Winning Of Games, Pools, Lottos And Gambling On The Whole, Protection From Black Magic, Evil Eyes And Spirits, Malefic Effects, Increase Of Intelligence, Success In Litigation, Suits, Transfers, Appreciation From People Far And Near And So Many Other Privileges. Shape and size may be different from picture for to buy this kindly check this website www.astrotalisman.com

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Protection against black magic

Now a days doing black magic for to stop the growth of any person is the common adopted by many people .

The only reason behind this is is jelousness or rivalry . the sympton of the the black magic are follows

1) All of the sudden the business sale will stop without any reason.

2) Health will go down all of the sudden or continue illnes

3) Flow of income or money will stop suddenly .

4) Quarell between the family member without any reason

5) Obstacles in day to day activities

6) Misunderstanding between husband and wife or separation

7) infertility in the woman

8) Mental disorder and suicidal tendencies

9) inspite of best effort failure in every field

Black magic problem can be solved with the help of powerful talisman and amulets holding natural power ,

We have developed the very powerful talisman by having research and using the talisman which hold the magical natural power and we activated its power with the powerful technique told by ancient saints , They work great to solve human problem and solve any sort of black magic problem and we have thousands of satisfied customers all over world .

Just visit our website www.astrotalisman.com for the online shoopping of our product or contact us via email
for any quiry at astroyogiforu4@gmail.com .

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Black magic protection


Just visit our website for different types of talisman for  black magic protection , to remove evil power , protection from bad spirit  , from paranormal entities  etc

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17 mukhi rudraksha


This rudraksha from Nepal give fruits of dharma , artha , kama . moksha , Wearer of this rudraksha lives with immense power and divine energy and magnetism , Get freedom from disease , losses , sadness and fears Give fulfillment of all desires growth in carrer and luck , Remove obstacles in path and give immense prosperity , Wearer of this rudraksha get immense wealth fulfillment of all matarialistic desires and freedom from all deseases THis rudraksha have healing power and can heal all type of chakras , desease , activate third eye and all chakras , This rudraksha will create a seven type of spiritual light like a rainbow in the body of wearer which help in increasing magnetism and attraction & illumination , Whatever you speak people will listen that .Also give the wearer healing power.  get this rudraksha in most competitive price at our website www.astrotalisman.com

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Sheshnag plant fossil


This sheshnag power fossil take form of sheshnag naturally in very rare found plant , the picture is the origianl picture of sheshnag power fossils SHESHNAG – THE INFINITE – THE BED ON WHICH VISHNU RESTS the god Vishnu, it has been a god venerated by all and worshipped by many for centuries. The Nags have three Kings, VAASUKI, TAKSHAK and SHESH. … Shesh Nag is the serpent with a thousand heads and is also called ‘ANANTA shesh nag is said to be the remainder when the universe destroyed nd the power of creation lord vishnu rest on its coil . Time to time whne the lord vishnu take the avtar in this earth the shehsnag also come with him in different avatar for to serve him , the two most famous form of shehsnag is Laxman the brother of lord RAM and the second one is balram borther of lord krishna . this sheshnag plant fossils have great natural power to save you from all danger , give you protection and safety form sudden death , , protection from black magic and evil power give you prosperity , wealth and money , make you fearless, make you connect with the powerful saints and yogi , all powerful good soul will give you protection , you get the blessing of Lord vishnu ( Most powerful Hindu God) This is one of the most powerful natural talisman and only one piece is available

Kindly check this website for  more details and shopping www.astrotalisman.com

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Siyar singhi-gidar singhi

Siyar” (Jackal) does not have horns. But same of the siyar have a small bunch of hair with horn emerges from its forehead when it hoots facing downwards. This is called “Siyar Singhi”. If “Siyar Singhi” is kept in the house, it is said to ward off evil spirits, bestow good luck and wealth, help overcome enemies, and achieve success in law suits. It is always kept in vermillion (Sindoor) in a silver box in the pooja room. Its hair grows automatically.If one keeps a Siyar Singhi in the house, one is blessed with wealth, one remains fearless of beasts, Ghosts and it provides protection, from enemies and evil spirits and gives success in law suits. Siyar Singhi shall be kept in vermillon and in silver box . kindly check this website at www.astrotalisman.com

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